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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ With a Lap/Shoulder Belt

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Installing a Child Seat  
Installing a Child Seat with a Lap/  
Shoulder Belt  
When not using the LATCH system,  
all child seats must be secured to the  
vehicle with the lap part of a lap/  
shoulder belt.  
In addition, the lap/shoulder belts in  
all seating positions except the  
driver’s have a lockable retractor  
that must be activated to secure a  
child seat.  
If you intend to install a child seat in  
the center seating position of the  
rear seat, make sure the detachable  
seat belt anchor is securely latched  
(see page 109 ).  
1. With the child seat in the desired  
seating position, route the belt  
through the child seat according  
to the seat maker’s instructions,  
then insert the latch plate into the  
buckle and remove any slack from  
the lap portion of the belt.  
2. To activate the lockable retractor,  
slowly pull the shoulder part of the  
belt all the way out until it stops,  
then let the belt feed back into the  
3. After the belt has retracted, tug on  
it. If the belt is locked, you will not  
be able to pull it out. If you can pull  
the belt out, it is not locked, and  
you will need to repeat these steps.  
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Installing a Child Seat  
To deactivate the lockable retractor  
and remove a child seat, unlatch the  
buckle, unroute the seat belt, and let  
the belt fully retract.  
4. After confirming that the belt is  
locked, grab the shoulder part of  
the belt near the buckle, and pull  
up to remove any slack from the  
lap part of the belt. Remember, if  
the lap part of the belt is not tight,  
the child seat will not be secure.  
5. Push and pull the child seat  
forward and from side-to-side to  
verify that it is secure enough to  
stay upright during normal driving  
maneuvers. If the child seat is not  
secure, unlatch the belt, allow it to  
retract fully, then repeat these  
To remove slack, it may help to  
put weight on the child seat, or  
push on the back of the seat while  
pulling up on the belt.