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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Childproof Door Locks

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Door Locks  
3. Push and hold the brake pedal,  
then move the shift lever out of  
the Park (P) position.  
5. Release the switch, and within 20  
seconds, turn the ignition switch  
to the ACCESSORY (I) position.  
Move the shift lever to the Park  
(P) position.  
Childproof Door Locks  
4. Push and hold the rear of the  
master door lock switch on the  
driver’s door. You will hear a click.  
Continue to hold down the switch:  
6. Turn the ignition switch to the  
LOCK (0) position.  
Until you hear another click  
(after about 5 seconds) to  
driver’s door unlock  
Or, until you hear two more  
The childproof door locks are  
clicks (after about 10 seconds)  
designed to prevent children seated  
in the rear from accidentally opening  
the rear doors. Each rear door has a  
lock lever near the edge. With the  
lever in the LOCK position (lever is  
down), the door cannot be opened  
from the inside regardless of the  
position of the lock tab. To open the  
door, push the lock tab forward and  
use the outside door handle.  
all doors and tailgate  
to activate  
unlock feature