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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Charging System Indicator

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Low Oil Pressure Indicator, Charging System Indicator  
Low Oil Pressure  
1. Safely pull off the road, and shut  
off the engine. Turn on the hazard  
warning lights.  
Charging System  
This indicator should never come on  
when the engine is running. If it  
starts flashing or stays on, the oil  
pressure has dropped very low or  
lost pressure. Serious engine  
damage is possible, and you should  
take immediate action.  
If the charging system indicator  
comes on brightly when the engine  
is running, the battery is not being  
2. Let the vehicle sit for a minute.  
Open the hood, and check the oil  
level (see page  
). An engine  
very low on oil can lose pressure  
during cornering and other driving  
Immediately turn off all electrical  
accessories. Try not to use other  
electrically operated controls such as  
the power windows. Keep the engine  
running; starting the engine will  
discharge the battery rapidly.  
3. If necessary, add oil to bring the  
level back to the full mark on the  
dipstick (see page 349 ).  
Running the engine with low oil  
pressure can cause serious mechanical  
damage almost immediately. Turn off  
the engine as soon as you can safely get  
the vehicle stopped.  
Go to a service station or garage  
where you can get technical  
4. Start the engine, and watch the oil  
pressure indicator. If it does not go assistance.  
out within 10 seconds, turn off the  
engine. There is a mechanical  
problem that needs to be repaired  
before you can continue driving  
(see Emergency Towing on page  
403 ).