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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ When Can a Larger Child Sit in Front

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Protecting Larger Children  
A child may continue using a booster  
seat until the tops of their ears are  
even with the top of the vehicle’s or  
booster’s seat-back. A child of this  
height should be tall enough to use  
the lap/shoulder belt without a  
booster seat.  
A side airbag also poses risks. If any  
part of a larger child’s body is in the  
path of a deploying side airbag, the  
child could receive possibly serious  
If you decide that a child can safely  
ride up front, be sure to:  
Carefully read the owner’s manual,  
and make sure you understand all  
seat belt instructions and all safety  
Of course, children vary widely. And  
while age may be one indicator of  
when a child can safely ride in front,  
there are other important factors you  
should consider.  
When Can a Larger Child Sit in  
Move the vehicle seat to the rear-  
most position.  
The National Highway Traffic Safety  
Administration and Transport  
Canada recommend that all children  
aged 12 and under be properly  
restrained in a back seat.  
Have the child sit up straight, back  
against the seat, and feet on or  
near the floor.  
Physical Size  
Physically, a child must be large  
enough for the lap/shoulder belt to  
properly fit (see pages 15 and 51 ). If  
the seat belt does not fit properly,  
with or without the child sitting on a  
booster seat, the child should not sit  
in front.  
Check that the child’s seat belt is  
properly and securely positioned.  
If the passenger’s front airbag  
inflates in a moderate to severe  
frontal collision, the airbag can cause  
serious injuries to a child who is  
unrestrained, improperly restrained,  
sitting too close to the airbag, or out  
of position.  
Supervise the child. Even a mature  
child sometimes needs to be  
reminded to fasten the seat belt or  
sit properly.  
To safely ride in front, a child must  
be able to follow the rules, including  
sitting properly, and wearing the seat  
belt properly throughout a ride.