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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Security System

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Security System  
If equipped  
The security system will not set if  
the hood, tailgate, or any of the  
doors are not fully closed. If the  
system will not set, check the doors  
and the tailgate. You can also check  
the open indicator on the instrument  
panel (see page 65 ), to see if the  
doors and the tailgate are fully  
closed. Since it is not part of the  
monitor display, manually check the  
The security system helps to protect  
your vehicle and valuables from theft.  
The horn sounds and a combination  
of headlights, parking lights, side  
marker lights and taillights flash if  
someone attempts to break into your  
vehicle or remove the audio unit.  
This alarm continues for 2 minutes,  
then the system resets. To reset an  
activated system before the 2  
minutes have elapsed, unlock the  
driver’s door with the key or use the  
remote transmitter.  
Use the remote transmitter  
Once the security system is set,  
opening any door without using the  
key or the remote transmitter, the  
hood, or the tailgate will cause the  
system to alarm.  
to quickly check that the hood, the  
tailgate, and all doors are closed.  
Push the lock button twice within 5  
seconds. There should be an audible  
confirmation beep.  
The security system automatically  
sets 15 seconds after you lock the  
doors, hood, and the tailgate. For the  
system to activate, you must lock the  
doors and the tailgate from the  
outside with the key, driver’s lock  
tab, door lock master switch, or  
remote transmitter. The security  
system indicator on the instrument  
panel starts blinking immediately to  
show you the system is setting itself.  
Do not attempt to alter this system  
or add other devices to it.