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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Carbon Monoxide Hazard

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Carbon Monoxide Hazard  
Your vehicle’s exhaust contains  
carbon monoxide gas. Carbon  
monoxide should not enter the  
vehicle in normal driving if you  
maintain your vehicle properly and  
follow the information on this page.  
With the tailgate open, airflow can  
pull exhaust gas into your vehicle’s  
interior and create a hazardous  
condition. If you must drive with the  
tailgate open, open all the windows  
and set the heating and cooling  
system as shown below.  
Carbon monoxide gas is toxic.  
Breathing it can cause  
unconsciousness and even kill  
Have the exhaust system inspected  
for leaks whenever:  
Avoid any enclosed areas or  
activities that expose you to  
carbon monoxide.  
If you must sit in your parked vehicle  
with the engine running, even in an  
unconfined area, adjust the heating  
and cooling system as follows:  
The vehicle is raised for an oil  
High levels of carbon monoxide can  
collect rapidly in enclosed areas,  
such as a garage. Do not run the  
engine with the garage door closed.  
Even with the door open, run the  
engine only long enough to move the  
vehicle out of the garage.  
You notice a change in the sound  
of the exhaust.  
1. Select the fresh air mode.  
2. Select the  
3. Turn the fan on high speed.  
4. Set the temperature control to a  
comfortable setting.  
The vehicle was in a crash that  
may have damaged the underside.