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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Maintain a Proper Sitting Position

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Protecting Adults and Teens  
Never place the shoulder portion of a  
lap/shoulder belt under your arm or  
behind your back. This could cause  
very serious injuries in a crash.  
6.Maintain a Proper Sitting  
After all occupants have adjusted  
their seats and head restraints, and  
put on their seat belts, it is very  
important that they continue to sit  
upright, well back in their seats, with  
their feet on the floor, until the  
vehicle is safely parked and the  
engine is off.  
If a seat belt does not seem to work  
properly, it may not protect the  
occupant in a crash.  
No one should sit in a seat with an  
inoperative seat belt.  
Using a seat  
belt that is not working properly can  
result in serious injury or death.  
Have your dealer check the belt as  
soon as possible.  
Sitting improperly can increase the  
chance of injury during a crash. For  
example, if an occupant slouches,  
lies down, turns sideways, sits  
forward, leans forward or sideways,  
or puts one or both feet up, the  
chance of injury during a crash is  
greatly increased.  
The front seats have adjustable seat  
belt anchors. To adjust the height of  
an anchor, press and hold the release  
buttons, and slide the anchor up or  
down as needed (it has four  
See page  
for additional  
information about your seat belts  
and how to take care of them.