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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Cleaning the Seat Belts

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Lights, Cleaning the Seat Belts, Floor Mats  
Cleaning the Seat Belts  
Floor Mats  
4. Pull the bulb straight out of its  
socket. Push the new bulb straight  
into the socket until it bottoms.  
5. Press the brake pedal to make  
sure the new bulb is working.  
6. Put the socket back into the light  
assembly, and turn it clockwise to  
lock it in place.  
If your seat belts get dirty, use a soft  
brush with a mixture of mild soap  
and warm water to clean them. Do  
not use bleach, dye, or cleaning  
solvents. Let the belts air-dry before  
you use the vehicle.  
Dirt build-up in the loops of the seat  
belt anchors can cause the belts to  
retract slowly. Wipe the insides of  
the loops with a clean cloth  
dampened in mild soap and warm  
water or isopropyl alcohol.  
The floor mats that came with your  
vehicle hook over the floor mat  
anchors. This keeps the floor mats  
from sliding forward, possibly  
interfering with the pedals, or  
backwards, making the front  
passenger’s weight sensors  
7. Put the cover back on the light  
assembly. Push it in until it locks  
in place.