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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Playing the XM Radio

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Playing the XM Radio (EX-L model without navigation system)  
Playing the XM Radio  
On EX-L without Navigation System  
Your vehicle is capable of receiving  
XM Radio anywhere in Canada and  
the United States, except Hawaii,  
Alaska, and Puerto Rico. XM  
CANADA is a registered business  
name of Canadian Satellite Radio Inc.,  
and XM is a registered trademark of  
Sirius XM Radio, Inc.  
XM Radio receives signals from two  
satellites to produce clear, high-  
quality digital reception. It offers  
many channels in several categories.  
Along with a large selection of  
different types of music, XM Radio  
allows you to view channel and  
category selections in the display.  
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Playing the XM Radio (EX-L model without navigation system)  
To switch between  
You may experience periods when  
XM Radio does not transmit the  
artist’s name and song title  
Operating the XM Radio  
To listen to XM radio, turn the  
ignition switch to the ACCESSORY  
(I) or the ON (II) position. Push the  
button to turn on the audio  
channel mode and category mode,  
press and hold the TITLE button  
until the mode changes.  
information. If this happens, there is  
nothing wrong with your system.  
In channel mode, you can select all  
of the available channels. In category  
mode, such as Jazz, Rock, Classical,  
etc., you can select all of the  
system, and press the ‘‘XM’’ button.  
Adjust the volume by turning the  
VOL/SELECT knob. The last  
channel you listened to will show in  
the display.  
TUNE Press the SEEK button to  
change channel selections. Press  
for higher numbered channels  
channels within that category.  
Each time you press and release the  
for lower numbered  
TITLE button, the display changes in channels. In the category mode, you  
the following sequence: channel  
name, channel number, category,  
artist name, and music title.  
can only select channels within that  
▼ -  
In the  
category mode, press either button  
to select another category.  
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Playing the XM Radio (EX-L model without navigation system)  
SCAN The scan function gives  
you a sampling of all channels while  
in the channel mode. In the category  
mode, only the channels within that  
category are scanned. To activate  
scan, press the SCAN button. The  
system plays each channel in  
numerical order for a few seconds,  
then selects the next channel. When  
you hear a channel you want to  
continue listening to, press the  
button again.  
Use the tune, seek, or scan  
function to tune to a desired  
XM Radio Display Messages  
‘‘LOADING’’ -  
XM is loading the  
audio or program information.  
In category mode, only channels  
within that category can be selected.  
In channel mode, all channels can be  
‘‘OFF AIR’’ The channel  
currently selected is no longer  
‘‘UPDATING’’ The encryption  
code is being updated. Wait until the  
encryption code is fully updated.  
Channels 0 and 1 should still work  
Pick the preset button you want  
for that channel. Press and hold  
the button until you hear a beep.  
Preset You can store up to 12  
preset channels using the six preset  
buttons. Each button stores one  
channel from the XM1 band and one  
channel from the XM2 band.  
Repeat steps 2 and 3 to store the  
first six channels.  
‘‘NO SIGNAL’’ The signal is  
currently too weak. Move the vehicle  
to an area away from tall buildings,  
and with an unobstructed view of the  
southern horizon.  
5. Press the XM button again. Store  
the next six channels using steps 2  
and 3.  
To store a channel:  
Once a channel is stored, press and  
release the proper preset button to  
tune to it.  
1. Press the XM button. Either XM1  
or XM2 will show in the display.  
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Playing the XM Radio (EX-L model without navigation system)  
‘‘ - - - - ’’ The selected channel  
Signal may be blocked by  
mountains or large obstacles to these areas.  
the south.  
Signal weaker in  
number does not exist, or is not part  
of your subscription, or this channel  
has no artist or title information at  
this time.  
‘‘ANTENNA’’ There is a problem  
with the XM antenna. Please consult  
your dealer.  
The XM satellites are in orbit over  
the equator; therefore, objects south  
of the vehicle may cause satellite  
reception interruptions. To help  
compensate for this, ground-based  
repeaters are placed in major  
metropolitan areas.  
Satellite signals are more likely to be  
blocked by tall buildings and  
mountains the farther north you  
travel from the equator. Carrying  
large items on a roof rack can also  
block the signal.  
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Playing the XM Radio (EX-L model without navigation system)  
Depending on where you drive, you  
may experience reception problems.  
Interference can be caused by any of  
these conditions:  
As required by the FCC:  
your radio I.D. number, press SEEK  
until ‘‘CH000’’ appears in the display.  
Your I.D. will appear in the display.  
Changes or modifications not expressly  
approved by the party responsible for  
compliance could void the user’s  
authority to operate the equipment.  
After you’ve registered with XM  
Radio, keep your audio system in the  
XM radio mode while you wait for  
Driving on the north side of an  
east/west mountain road.  
Driving on the north side of a  
large commercial truck on an  
east/west road.  
Receiving XM Radio Service  
If your XM Radio service has expired activation. This should take about 30  
or you purchased your vehicle from  
a previous owner, you can listen to a  
sampling of the broadcasts available  
on XM Radio. With the ignition  
Driving in tunnels.  
While waiting for activation, make  
sure your vehicle remains in an open  
area with good reception. Once your  
audio system is activated, you’ll be  
able to listen to XM Radio broadcasts.  
XM Radio will continue to send an  
activation signal to your vehicle for  
at least 12 hours from the activation  
request. If the service has not been  
activated after 36 hours, contact  
Driving on a road beside a vertical  
wall, steep cliff, or hill to the south  
of you.  
switch in the ACCESSORY (I) or ON  
(II) position, push the  
button to  
Driving on the lower level of a  
multi-tiered road.  
turn on the audio system and press  
the XM button. A variety of music  
types and styles will play.  
Driving on a single lane road  
alongside dense trees taller than  
50 ft. (15 m) to the south of you.  
Large items carried on a roof rack.  
If you decide to purchase XM Radio  
service, contact XM Radio at  
Radio. In Canada, contact XM  
, or at  
There may be other geographic  
situations that could affect XM Radio  
1-800-852-9696. In Canada, contact  
, or  
at 1-877-209-0079. You will need to  
give them your radio I.D. number  
and your credit card number. To get