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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Parking

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Always use the parking brake when  
you park your vehicle. Make sure  
the parking brake is set firmly, or  
your vehicle may roll if it is parked  
on an incline.  
Parking Tips  
If the vehicle is facing uphill, turn  
the front wheels away from the  
Make sure the moonroof (if  
equipped) and the windows are  
If the vehicle is facing downhill,  
turn the front wheels toward the  
Turn off the lights.  
Set the parking brake before you put  
the transmission in Park. This keeps  
the vehicle from moving and putting  
pressure on the parking mechanism  
in the transmission.  
Place any packages, valuables, etc.  
in the cargo area or take them  
with you.  
Make sure the parking brake is  
fully released before driving away.  
Driving with the parking brake  
partially set can overheat or  
damage the rear brakes.  
Lock the doors and the tailgate.  
If equipped  
Check the indicator on the  
instrument panel to verify that the  
security system is set.  
Never park over dry leaves, tall  
grass, or other flammable  
materials. The hot three way  
catalytic converter could cause  
these materials to catch on fire.