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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Parking Brake

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Parking Brake, Steering Wheel Adjustment  
Parking Brake  
Steering Wheel Adjustment  
Make any steering wheel adjustment  
Driving the vehicle with the parking  
before you start driving.  
brake applied can damage the rear  
brakes and hubs. A beeper will sound if  
the vehicle is driven with the parking  
brake on.  
Adjusting the steering wheel  
position while driving may  
cause you to lose control of the  
vehicle and be seriously injured  
in a crash.  
Adjust the steering wheel only  
when the vehicle is stopped.  
To apply the parking brake, push the  
pedal down with your foot. To  
release it, push on the pedal again.  
The parking brake indicator on the  
instrument panel should go out when  
the parking brake is fully released  
(see page 62 ).  
1. Push the lever under the steering  
column all the way down.  
2. Move the steering wheel up or  
down, and in or out, so it points  
toward your chest, not toward  
your face. Make sure you can see  
the instrument panel gauges and