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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Towing Your Vehicle Behind a Motorhome

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Towing a Trailer, Towing Your Vehicle Behind a Motorhome  
Backing Up  
Towing Your Vehicle Behind a  
Check the transmission fluid level  
Do not overfill.  
Always drive slowly and have  
(see page 355 ).  
Start the engine.  
someone guide you when backing up. Your vehicle can be towed behind a  
Grip the  
of the steering wheel, motorhome at legal highway speeds  
Press on the brake pedal. Move  
the shift lever through all its  
Shift to D position and hold for 5  
seconds, then to N. Let the engine  
run for 3 minutes, then turn it off.  
Release the parking brake.  
Leave the ignition switch in the  
ACCESSORY (I) position so the  
steering wheel does not lock.  
Make sure the radio and any items  
plugged into the accessory power  
sockets are turned off so you do  
not run down the battery.  
then turn the wheel to the left to get  
the trailer to move to the left, and  
turn the wheel right to move the  
trailer to the right.  
up to 65 mph (100 km/h). Do not  
exceed 65 mph (100 km/h).  
Otherwise, severe transmission  
damage will occur. To avoid damage  
to the 4WD system, your vehicle  
must be towed with all four wheels  
on the ground (flat towing).  
Follow all normal precautions when  
parking, including firmly setting the  
parking brake and putting the  
transmission in Park. Also, place  
wheel chocks at each of the trailer’s  
When purchasing a tow bar, make  
sure you select a reputable  
manufacturer and installer. Follow  
the manufacturer’s attachment  
instructions carefully.  
Perform the following procedure  
every day immediately before you  
begin towing. Otherwise severe  
automatic transmission damage will  
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Towing Your Vehicle Behind a Motorhome  
When towing your vehicle for long  
the vehicle.  
periods, remove the 7.5 A Accessory  
Radio fuse to reduce drain on battery.  
This fuse is located in the interior  
fuse box and is shown as number 34  
The steering system can be damaged if  
the steering wheel is locked. Leave the  
ignition switch in the ACCESSORY (I)  
position, and make sure the steering  
wheel turns freely before you begin  
Severe transmission damage will occur  
if the vehicle is shifted from reverse to  
neutral and then towed with the drive  
wheels on the ground.  
Extended Towing  
If you tow a CR-V behind a  
motorhome, the transmission fluid  
must be changed every 2 years or  
30,000 miles (48,000 km), whichever  
comes first.  
If you tow more than 8 hours in one  
day, you should repeat the above  
procedure at least every 8 hours  
(when you stop for fuel, etc.)  
Failure to follow the recommended  
instructions exactly will result in severe  
automatic transmission damage. If you  
cannot shift the transmission or start  
the engine, your vehicle must be  
transported on a flat-bed truck or  
Only remove the fuse after you have  
performed the transmission shifting  
procedure, and the key is in the  
ACCESSORY (I) position. Store the  
fuse in an obvious location (center  
tray, coin pockets, etc) as a reminder  
to re-install the fuse before driving