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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Accessory Power Sockets

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Interior Convenience Items  
Conversation Mirror  
Accessory Power Sockets  
Center Table  
EX model  
The sunglasses holder uses a convex  
mirror for its bottom panel. You can  
see all the vehicle passengers in this  
mirror. To use the mirror, open the  
sunglasses holder fully, push it to the  
first detent, and release it.  
Your vehicle has two or three  
accessory power sockets depending  
on the model.  
To use an accessory power socket,  
the ignition switch must be in the  
ACCESSORY (I) or ON (II) position.  
Each socket is intended to supply  
power for 12 volt DC accessories  
that are rated 120 watts or less (10  
To switch back to the sunglasses  
holder, close the conversation mirror  
and then open the sunglasses holder.