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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Range

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Instant Fuel Economy  
Average Fuel Economy  
Range (Estimated Distance)  
This display shows the estimated  
distance you can travel on the fuel  
remaining in the tank.  
When either of the trip meters (trip  
A or B) is displayed, your vehicle’s  
average fuel economy since you last  
reset that trip meter can be shown  
on the information display (mpg on  
U.S. models and l/100 km on  
Canadian models). This number is  
updated once per 10 seconds. To see  
the average fuel economy, press and  
release the select/reset knob  
This distance is estimated from the  
fuel economy you have achieved  
over the last few miles (kilometers),  
so it will vary with changes in speed,  
traffic condition, etc.  
U.S. model is shown  
When you reset a trip meter, the  
average fuel economy for that trip  
meter also resets.  
This display shows the instant fuel  
economy you are getting.  
It shows the number of mpg (U.S.)  
or l/100 km (Canada).