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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Turn Signals and Headlights

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Windshield Wipers and Washers, Turn Signal and Headlights  
Rear Window Wiper and Washer  
3. Hold past ON to activate the rear  
window wiper a few times and to  
spray the rear window washer.  
Turn Signal and Headlights  
4. Rotate the switch  
counterclockwise also to spray the  
window washer and turn the wiper  
When you shift the transmission to  
the reverse position with the front  
windshield wiper activated, the rear  
wiper operates automatically even if  
the rear wiper switch is off.  
EX-L model is shown.  
1. OFF  
1. Turn Signal  
When you turn the wiper switch to  
the ‘‘OFF’’ position, the wiper will  
return to its parked position.  
The rear window washer uses the  
same fluid reservoir as the wind-  
shield washer.  
2. OFF  
3. Parking and interior lights  
4. AUTO*  
5. Headlights on  
6. High Beams  
7. Flash high beams  
2. Rotate the switch clockwise to  
turn the rear window wiper ON.  
The wiper operates every 7  
seconds after completing two  
: If equipped  
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Turn Signals and Headlights  
Turn Signal Push down on the  
lever to signal a left turn and up to  
signal a right turn. To signal a lane  
change, push lightly on the lever,  
and hold it. The lever will return to  
center when you release it or  
complete a turn.  
When the light switch is in either of  
these positions, the lights on  
EX-L models only  
AUTO The automatic lighting  
feature turns on the headlights and  
all other exterior lights, when it  
senses low ambient light.  
indicator comes on as a reminder.  
This indicator stays on if you leave  
the lights on and turn the ignition  
switch to the ACCESSORY (I) or  
LOCK (0) position.  
To turn on automatic lighting, turn  
the light switch to AUTO. The lights  
will come on automatically when the  
outside light level becomes low (at  
dusk, for example). The lights on  
indicator comes on as a reminder.  
The lights and indicator will turn off  
automatically when the system  
senses high ambient light.  
Headlights Turning the switch to  
the ‘‘  
’’ position turns on the  
High Beams Push the lever  
parking lights, taillights, instrument  
panel lights, side-marker lights, and  
rear license plate light.  
forward and the high beam indicator  
will come on (see page  
). Pull it  
back to return to low beams.  
Turning the switch to the ‘‘  
To flash the high beams, pull the  
lever back lightly, then release it.  
The high beams will stay on as long  
as you hold the lever back.  
position turns on the headlights. If  
you leave the lights on with the key  
removed from the ignition switch,  
you will hear a reminder chime when  
you open the driver’s door.  
The lights will remain on when you  
turn off the ignition switch. They will  
turn off automatically when you  
remove the key and open the driver’s  
door. To turn them on again, either  
turn the ignition switch to the ON  
(II) position or turn the light switch  
to the  
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Turn Signals and Headlights  
Even with the automatic lighting  
feature turned on, we recommend  
that you turn on the lights manually  
when driving at night or in a dense  
fog, or when you enter dark areas  
such as long tunnels or parking  
Daytime Running Lights  
With the headlight switch in the off  
position, the high beam  
headlights and the high beam  
indicator come on with reduced  
brightness when you turn the  
ignition switch to the ON (II)  
position and release the parking  
brake. They remain on until you turn  
the ignition switch off, even if you  
set the parking brake.  
Do not leave the light switch in  
AUTO if you will not be driving the  
vehicle for an extended period (a  
week or more). You should also turn  
off the lights if you plan to leave the  
engine idling or off for a long time.  
The headlights revert to normal  
operation when you turn them on  
with the switch.  
The automatic lighting feature is  
controlled by a sensor located on top  
of the dashboard. Do not cover this  
sensor or spill liquids on it.