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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Adding Engine Oil

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Adding Engine Oil  
damage the engine.  
Honda Motor Oil is the preferred  
0W-20 lubricant for your vehicle. It is  
highly recommended that you use  
Honda Motor Oil in your vehicle for  
optimum engine protection. Make  
sure the API Certification Seal says  
‘‘For Gasoline Engines’’.  
Recommended Engine Oil  
Oil is a major contributor to your  
engine’s performance and longevity.  
Always use a premium-grade 0W-20  
detergent oil displaying the API  
Certification Seal. This seal indicates  
the oil is energy conserving, and that  
it meets the American Petroleum  
Institute’s latest requirements.  
The oil viscosity or weight is  
provided on the container’s label.  
0W-20 oil is formulated for year-  
round protection of your vehicle to  
improve cold weather starting and  
fuel economy.  
Unscrew and remove the engine oil  
fill cap on top of the valve cover.  
Pour in the oil slowly and carefully so  
you do not spill any. Clean up any  
spills immediately. Spilled oil could  
damage components in the engine  
Reinstall the engine oil fill cap, and  
tighten it securely. Wait a few  
minutes, and recheck the oil level on  
the engine oil dipstick. Do not fill  
above the upper mark; you could  
Ambient Temperature