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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Windshield Washers

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Windshield Washers  
Check the fluid level in the  
Fill the reservoir with a good-quality  
windshield washer fluid. This  
increases the cleaning capability and  
prevents freezing in cold weather.  
windshield washer reservoir at least  
monthly during normal use.  
Do not use engine antifreeze or a  
vinegar/water solution in the  
windshield washer reservoir. Antifreeze  
can damage your vehicle’s paint, while  
a vinegar/water solution can damage  
the windshield washer pump. Use only  
commercially-available windshield  
washer fluid.  
When you refill the reservoir, clean  
the edges of the windshield wiper  
blades with windshield washer fluid  
on a clean cloth. This will help to  
condition the blade edges.  
Check the fluid level by removing  
the cap and looking at the level  
On Canadian models: The low washer  
level indicator comes on when the  
level is low (see page 67 ).