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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Protecting Your Discs

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Protecting Your Discs  
General Information  
Protecting Discs  
When using CD-R or CD-RW discs, When a disc is not being played,  
use only high quality discs labeled  
for audio use.  
store it in its case to protect it from  
dust and other contamination. To  
prevent warpage, keep discs out of  
direct sunlight and extreme heat.  
When recording a CD-R or  
CD-RW, the recording must be  
closed for it to be used by the  
To clean a disc, use a clean soft cloth.  
Wipe across the disc from the center  
to the outside edge.  
Play only standard, round, 5-inch  
(12 cm) discs. Smaller or odd-  
shaped discs may jam in the drive  
or cause other problems.  
A new disc may be rough on the  
inner and outer edges. The small  
plastic pieces causing this roughness  
can flake off and fall on the  
recording surface of the disc,  
causing skipping or other problems.  
Remove these pieces by rubbing the  
inner and outer edges with the side  
of a pencil or pen.  
Handle a disc by its edges; never  
touch either surface. Do not place  
stabilizer rings or labels on the disc.  
These, along with contamination  
from fingerprints, liquids, and felt-tip  
pens, can cause the disc to not play  
properly, or possibly jam in the drive.  
Handle your discs properly to  
prevent damage and skipping.  
Never try to insert foreign objects in  
the system or the magazine.  
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Protecting Your Discs  
Additional Information on  
Recommended Discs  
The disc player/changer has a  
sophisticated and delicate  
1. Bubbled, wrinkled, labeled, and excessively thick discs  
mechanism. If you insert a damaged  
disc as indicated in this section, it  
may become stuck inside and  
damage the audio unit.  
With Label/  
Using Printer  
Label Kit  
With Plastic  
Examples of these discs are shown  
to the right:  
2. Damaged discs  
3. Poor quality discs  
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Protecting Your Discs  
4. Small, irregular shaped discs  
5. Discs with scratches, dirty discs  
Recommended discs are printed  
with the following logo.  
3-inch (8-cm) CD  
Triangle Shape  
Audio unit may not play the  
following formats.  
Fingerprints, scratches, etc.  
CD-R or CD-RW may not play due  
to the recording conditions.  
Scratches and fingerprints on the  
discs may cause the sound to skip.  
Can Shape  
Arrow Shape