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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Center Table

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Interior Convenience Items  
Center Table  
Lower Glove Box  
To lock  
On LX and EX models  
Sitting on or getting under the table,  
or putting heavy objects on the table,  
may damage or deform it.  
Open the lower glove box by pulling  
the bottom of the handle. Close it  
with a firm push. Lock or unlock the  
glove box with the master key.  
To use the center table, pull up the  
outside edge of the table until it  
latches. To store it, pull the lever and  
lower the table.  
Do not put any items on the table  
while driving. They may fall down or  
fly around when you go around  
corners or brake hard.  
The glove box light comes on when  
the parking lights are on.