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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ VSA, ESC, System

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Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA ), aka Electronic Stability Control (ESC), System  
The vehicle stability assist (VSA)  
system helps to stabilize the vehicle  
during cornering if the vehicle turns  
more or less than desired. It also  
assists you in maintaining traction  
while accelerating on loose or  
NOTE: The main function of the  
VSA system is generally known as  
Electronic Stability Control (ESC).  
The system also includes a traction  
control function.  
VSA Off Indicator  
When VSA is off, the VSA off  
indicator comes on as a reminder.  
Vehicle Stability Assist  
(VSA) System Indicator  
slippery road surfaces. It does this  
If the low tire pressure indicator or  
TPMS indicator comes on, the VSA  
system automatically turns on even if  
the VSA system is turned off by  
pressing the VSA OFF switch (see  
page 325 ). If this happens, you  
by regulating the engine’s output and When VSA activates, you will see the  
by selectively applying the brakes.  
VSA system indicator blink.  
When VSA activates, you may notice  
that the engine does not respond to  
the accelerator in the same way it  
does at other times. There may also  
be some noise from the VSA  
hydraulic system. You will also see  
the VSA activation indicator blink.  
If this indicator comes on while  
driving, pull to the side of the road  
when it is safe, and turn off the  
engine. Reset the system by  
restarting the engine. If the VSA  
system indicator stays on or comes  
back on while driving, have the VSA  
system inspected by your dealer.  
cannot turn the VSA system off by  
pressing the VSA OFF switch again.  
Without VSA, your vehicle will have  
normal braking and cornering ability,  
but it will not have VSA traction and  
stability enhancement.  
The VSA system cannot enhance the  
vehicle’s driving stability in all  
situations and does not control your  
vehicle’s entire braking system. It is  
still your responsibility to drive and  
corner at reasonable speeds and to  
leave a sufficient margin of safety.  
If the indicator does not come on  
when the ignition switch is turned to  
the ON (II) position, there may be a  
problem with the VSA system. Have  
your dealer inspect your vehicle as  
soon as possible.  
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Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA ), aka Electronic Stability Control (ESC), System  
VSA is turned on every time you  
start the engine, even if you turned it  
off the last time you drove the  
VSA OFF Switch  
VSA and Tire Sizes  
Driving with varying tire or wheel  
sizes may cause the VSA to  
malfunction. When replacing tires,  
make sure they are the same size  
and type as your original tires (see  
In certain unusual conditions when  
your vehicle gets stuck in shallow  
mud or fresh snow, it may be easier  
to free it with the VSA temporarily  
switched off. When the VSA system  
is off, the traction control system is  
also off. You should only attempt to  
free your vehicle with the VSA off if  
you are not able to free it when the  
VSA is on.  
If you install winter tires, make sure  
they are the same size as those that  
were originally supplied with your  
vehicle. Exercise the same caution  
during winter driving as you would if  
your vehicle was not equipped with  
This switch is under the driver’s side  
vent. To turn the VSA system on and  
off, press and hold it until you hear a  
Immediately after freeing your  
vehicle, be sure to switch the VSA on  
again. We do not recommend driving  
your vehicle with the VSA and  
When VSA is off, the VSA off  
indicator comes on as a reminder.  
Press and hold the switch again. It  
turns the system back on.  
traction control systems switched off.