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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Temperature Gauge

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Temperature Gauge  
Outside Temperature Indicator  
The odometer shows the total  
distance your vehicle has been  
driven. It measures miles in U.S.  
models and kilometers in Canadian  
models. It is illegal under U.S.  
federal law and Canadian provincial/  
territorial regulations to disconnect,  
reset, or alter the odometer with the  
intent to change the number of miles  
or kilometers indicated.  
This shows the temperature of the  
engine’s coolant. During normal  
operation, the reading should be in  
the middle of the gauge. In severe  
driving conditions, such as very hot  
weather or a long period of uphill  
driving, the reading may reach near  
the red mark. If it reaches the red  
(Hot) mark, pull safely to the side of  
the road. See page 392 for  
instructions and precautions on  
checking the engine’s cooling  
Fuel Gauge  
This shows how much fuel you have.  
It may show slightly more or less  
than the actual amount.  
If equipped  
This indicator displays the outside  
temperature in Fahrenheit (U.S.  
models) or Celsius (Canadian  
Avoid driving with an extremely low  
fuel level. Running out of fuel could  
cause the engine to misfire, damaging  
the catalytic converter.