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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Additional Safety Precautions

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Protecting Adults and Teens  
In addition, an occupant who is out of  
position in the front seat can be  
seriously or fatally injured in a crash  
by striking interior parts of the  
vehicle or being struck by an  
inflating front airbag.  
Advice for Pregnant Women  
When driving, remember to sit  
upright and adjust the seat as far  
back as possible while allowing full  
control of the vehicle. When riding  
as a front passenger, adjust the seat  
as far back as possible.  
This will reduce the risk of injuries  
to both you and your unborn child  
that can be caused by a crash or an  
inflating front airbag.  
Sitting improperly or out of  
position can result in serious  
injury or death in a crash.  
Each time you have a checkup, ask  
your doctor if it’s okay for you to  
Always sit upright, well back in  
the seat, with your feet on the  
If you are pregnant, the best way to  
protect yourself and your unborn  
child when driving or riding in a  
vehicle is to always wear a seat belt,  
and keep the lap part of the belt as  
low as possible across the hips.