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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Power Windows

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Power Windows  
have children in the vehicle so they  
do not injure themselves by  
operating the windows  
Closing a power window on  
someone’s hands or fingers can  
cause serious injury.  
If the driver’s  
Make sure your passengers are  
away from the windows before  
closing them.  
window senses any obstacle while it  
is closing automatically, it will  
reverse direction, and then stop. To  
close the window, remove the  
obstacle, then use the window switch  
To open or close the  
driver’s window, push or pull the  
window switch firmly down or up to  
the second detent, and release it.  
The window will automatically go up  
or down all the way. To stop the  
window, pull or push the window  
switch briefly.  
Turn the ignition switch to the ON  
(II) position to raise or lower any  
window. To open the window, push  
the switch down and hold it. Release  
the switch when you want to stop the  
window. To close the window, pull  
back on the switch and hold it.  
Auto reverse stops sensing when the  
window is almost closed. You should  
always check that all passengers and  
objects are away from the window  
before closing it.  
The driver’s window auto  
When you push the MAIN switch in,  
the switch is off, and the passenger  
windows cannot be raised or lowered.  
To cancel this feature, push on the  
switch again to get it to pop out.  
reverse function is disabled when  
you continuously pull up the switch.  
The windows will operate for up to  
10 minutes after you turn off the  
ignition switch. Opening either front  
door cancels this function.  
Keep the MAIN switch off when you