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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ If You Must Drive with Several Children

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Protecting Children General Guidelines  
If You Must Drive with Several  
Your vehicle has a back seat where  
children can be properly restrained.  
If you ever have to carry a group of  
children, and a child must ride in  
If a Child Requires Close  
Additional Safety Precautions  
Never hold an infant or child on  
your lap. If you are not wearing a  
seat belt in a crash, you could be  
thrown forward and crush the  
child against the dashboard or a  
seat-back. If you are wearing a  
seat belt, the child can be torn  
from your arms and be seriously  
hurt or killed.  
Many parents say they prefer to put  
an infant or a small child in the front  
passenger seat so they can watch the  
child, or because the child requires  
Place the largest child in the front  
seat, provided the child is large  
enough to wear the lap/shoulder  
belt properly (see page 51 ).  
Placing a child in the front seat  
exposes the child to hazards in a  
frontal collision, and paying close  
attention to a child distracts the  
driver from the important tasks of  
driving, placing both of you at risk.  
Never put a seat belt over yourself  
and a child. During a crash, the  
belt could press deep into the child  
and cause serious or fatal injuries.  
Move the vehicle seat as far to the  
rear as possible (see pages  
97 and 98 ).  
If a child requires close physical  
attention or frequent visual contact,  
we strongly recommend that another  
adult ride with the child in a back  
seat. The back seat is far safer for a  
child than the front.  
Never let two children use the  
same seat belt.  
could be very seriously injured in a  
If they do, they  
Have the child sit upright and well  
back in the seat (see page 16 ).  
Make sure the seat belt is properly  
positioned and secured (see page  
15 ).