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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Rear Window Defogger

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Rear Window Defogger  
On vehicles with automatic air  
conditioning system  
The defogger will shut itself off  
within about 10 to 30 minutes  
according to the outside temperature.  
Make sure the rear window is clear  
and you have good visibility before  
starting to drive.  
The defogger wires on the inside of  
the rear window can be accidentally  
damaged. When cleaning the glass,  
always wipe side-to-side.  
Manual A/C type is shown.  
The rear window defogger will clear  
fog, frost, and thin ice from the  
window. Push the defogger button to  
turn it on and off. The indicator in  
the button comes on to show the  
defogger is on. It also shuts off when  
you turn off the ignition switch. You  
have to turn the defogger on again  
when you restart the vehicle.  
If equipped  
Pushing this button also turns the  
mirror heaters on or off. For more  
information, see page 115 .