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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Seat Belt System Components

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Additional Information About Your Seat Belts  
the beeper stops, the indicator will  
If the indicator comes on or the  
beeper sounds when the driver’s seat  
belt is latched and there is no front  
seat passenger and no items on the  
front seat, something may be  
Seat Belt System Components  
Your seat belt system includes lap/  
shoulder belts in all seating positions.  
The front seat belts are also  
equipped with automatic seat belt  
stop flashing but remain on.  
If a front passenger does not fasten  
their seat belt, the indicator will  
come on about 6 seconds after the  
ignition switch is turned to the ON  
(II) position.  
interfering with the monitoring  
system. Look for and remove:  
This system uses the same sensors  
as the front airbags to monitor  
whether the front seat belts are  
latched or unlatched, and how much  
weight is on the front passenger’s  
Any items under the front  
passenger’s seat.  
If either the driver or a front  
passenger does not fasten their seat  
belt while driving, the beeper will  
sound and the indicator will flash  
again at regular intervals.  
Any object(s) hanging on the seat  
or in the seat-back pocket.  
seat (see pages and ).  
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The seat belt system  
includes an indicator on the  
instrument panel and a beeper to  
remind you and your passengers to  
fasten your seat belts.  
Any object(s), such as a folded-  
down back seat, that are touching  
the rear of the seat-back.  
When no one is sitting in the front  
passenger’s seat, or a child or small  
adult is riding there, the indicator  
should not come on and the beeper  
should not sound.  
If no obstructions are found, have  
your vehicle checked by a dealer.  
This system monitors the front seat  
belts. If you turn the ignition switch  
to the ON (II) position before your  
seat belt is fastened, the beeper will  
sound and the indicator will flash. If  
your seat belt is not fastened before