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Maintenance Safety  
All service items not detailed in this  
section should be performed by a  
certified technician or other qualified  
Injury from moving parts. Do  
not run the engine unless  
instructed to do so.  
Improperly maintaining this  
vehicle, or failing to correct a  
problem before driving can  
cause a crash in which you can  
be seriously hurt or killed.  
Important Safety Precautions  
To eliminate potential hazards, read  
the instructions before you begin,  
and make sure you have the tools  
and skills required.  
Make sure your vehicle is parked  
on level ground, the parking brake  
is set, and the engine is off.  
Failure to properly follow  
maintenance instructions and  
precautions can cause you to  
be seriously hurt or killed.  
Always follow the inspection  
and maintenance  
recommendations and  
schedules in this owner’s  
Always follow the procedures  
and precautions in this owner’s  
To clean parts, use a commercially  
available degreaser or parts  
cleaner, not gasoline.  
Potential Vehicle Hazards  
Carbon Monoxide poison from  
engine exhaust. Be sure there is  
adequate ventilation whenever you  
operate the engine.  
Some of the most important safety  
precautions are given here. However,  
we cannot warn you of every  
conceivable hazard that can arise in  
performing maintenance. Only you  
can decide whether or not you  
should perform a given task.  
To reduce the possibility of fire or  
explosion, keep cigarettes, sparks,  
and flames away from the battery  
and all fuel-related parts.  
Burns from hot parts. Let the  
engine and exhaust system cool  
down before touching any parts.  
Wear eye protection and  
protective clothing when working  
with the battery or compressed air.  
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Maintenance Minder  
Your vehicle displays engine oil life  
and maintenance service items on  
the information display to show you  
when you should have your dealer do  
engine oil replacement and indicated  
maintenance service.  
Engine Oil Life Display  
The remaining engine oil life is  
shown on the display according to  
this table:  
Calculated Engine  
Oil Life (%)  
100 %91 %  
90 %81 %  
80 %71 %  
70 %61 %  
60 %51 %  
50 %41 %  
40 %31 %  
30 %21 %  
20 %16 %  
15 %11 %  
10 %6 %  
Engine Oil Life (%)  
100 %  
90 %  
80 %  
70 %  
60 %  
50 %  
40 %  
30 %  
20 %  
15 %  
10 %  
5 %  
Based on the engine operating  
conditions, the onboard computer in  
your vehicle calculates the remaining  
engine oil life and displays it as a  
To see the current engine oil life,  
turn the ignition switch to the ON  
(II) position, then press and release  
the select/reset knob repeatedly  
until the engine oil life indicator  
appears (see page 68 ).  
5 %1 %  
0 %  
0 %  
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Maintenance Minder  
If the remaining engine oil life is 15  
to 6 percent, you will see the engine  
oil life indicator every time you turn  
the ignition switch to the ON (II)  
position. The maintenance minder  
indicator will also come on, and the  
maintenance item code(s) for other  
scheduled maintenance items  
The 15 and 10 percent oil life  
indicators remind you that your  
vehicle will soon be due for  
scheduled maintenance.  
When the remaining engine oil life is  
5 to 1 percent, you will see a  
‘‘SERVICE’’ message along with the  
same maintenance item code(s),  
every time you turn the ignition  
switch to the ON (II) position.  
needing service will be displayed  
below the engine oil life indicator.  
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Maintenance Minder  
The maintenance item code or codes  
indicate the main and sub items  
required at the time of the oil change  
(see page 347 ).  
You can switch the information  
display from the engine oil life  
display to the odometer or the  
average fuel mileage, press and  
release the select/reset knob on the  
instrument panel.  
When the engine oil life is 15 to 1  
percent, the maintenance minder  
indicator (  
) comes on every  
When the remaining engine oil life is  
0 percent, the engine oil life indicator  
will blink. The display comes on  
every time you turn the ignition  
switch to the ON (II) position. The  
maintenance minder indicator  
If you do not perform the indicated  
maintenance, negative distance  
traveled is displayed and begins to  
blink after the vehicle has been  
driven 10 miles (10 km) or more.  
time you turn the ignition switch to  
the ON (II) position, then it goes out  
if you switch the information display.  
When you see this message, have  
the indicated maintenance  
performed by your dealer as soon as  
) also comes on and remains  
Negative distance traveled means  
your vehicle has passed the  
maintenance required point.  
Immediately have the indicated  
maintenance done by your dealer.  
on in the instrument panel. When  
you see this message, immediately  
have the indicated maintenance done  
by your dealer.  
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Maintenance Minder  
To change the information display  
from the engine oil life display to the  
odometer or the average fuel  
mileage, press and release the  
select/reset knob.  
Maintenance Main Items and Sub  
Resetting the Engine Oil Life  
Your dealer will reset the display  
after completing the required  
maintenance service. You will see  
‘‘OIL LIFE 100%’’ on the information  
display the next time you turn the  
ignition switch to the ON (II)  
When the engine oil life is 0 percent  
or negative distance traveled, the  
maintenance minder indicator  
) remains on even if you  
change the information display.  
If maintenance service is done by  
someone other than your dealer,  
reset the maintenance minder as  
Immediately have the service  
performed, and make sure to reset  
the display as described as follows.  
All maintenance items displayed on  
the information display are in code.  
For an explanation of these  
1. Turn the ignition switch to the ON  
(II) position.  
maintenance codes, see page 347 .  
2. Press the select/reset knob  
repeatedly until the engine oil life  
is displayed.  
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Maintenance Minder  
Important Maintenance  
If you have the required service  
done but do not reset the display, or  
reset the display without doing the  
service, the system will not show the  
correct maintenance intervals. This  
can lead to serious mechanical  
problems because you will no longer  
have an accurate record of when  
maintenance is needed.  
EX, EX-L model is shown.  
Your authorized Honda dealer  
knows your vehicle best and can  
provide competent, efficient service.  
3. Press the select/reset knob for  
about 10 seconds. The information  
display shows the reset mode  
initial display as shown.  
5. The engine oil life and the  
maintenance item code(s) will  
begin to blink. Press the select/  
reset knob for another 5 seconds.  
4. Select the ‘‘OIL LIFE’’ indicator by  
turning the select/reset knob. The  
display begins to blink. Push the  
same knob to enter this setting.  
6. The maintenance item code(s) will  
disappear, and the engine oil life  
will reset to ‘‘100.’’  
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Maintenance Minder  
U.S. Vehicles:  
Engine oil level Check every  
However, service at a dealer is not  
mandatory to keep your warranties  
in effect. Maintenance may be done  
by any qualified service facility or  
person who is skilled in this type of  
automotive service. Make sure to  
have the service facility or person  
reset the display as previously  
described. Keep all receipts as proof  
of completion, and have the person  
who does the work fill out your  
Honda Service History or Canadian  
Maintenance Log. Check your  
warranty booklet for more  
replacement, or repair of  
time you fill the fuel tank. See  
emissions control devices and  
systems may be done by any  
automotive repair establishment  
or individual using parts that are  
‘‘certified’’ to EPA standards.  
Engine coolant level Check the  
radiator reserve tank every time  
you fill the fuel tank. See page  
According to state and federal  
regulations, failure to perform  
maintenance on the items marked  
with will not void your emissions  
warranties. However, all  
Automatic transmission Check  
the fluid level monthly. See page  
355 .  
Brakes Check the fluid level  
monthly. See page 357 .  
maintenance services should be  
performed in accordance with the  
intervals indicated by the  
Tires Check the tire pressure  
monthly. Examine the tread for  
wear and foreign objects. See page  
370 .  
We recommend using Honda parts  
and fluids whenever you have  
maintenance done. These are  
manufactured to the same high  
quality standards as the original  
components, so you can be confident  
of their performance and durability.  
information display.  
Owner’s Maintenance Checks  
You should check the following  
items at the specified intervals. If  
you are unsure of how to perform  
any check, turn to the appropriate  
page listed.  
Lights Check the operation of  
the headlights, parking lights,  
taillights, high-mount brake light,  
and license plate light monthly.  
See page 359 .  
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Maintenance Minder  
Maintenance Main Items  
Maintenance Sub Items  
Replace engine oil1  
Rotate tires  
Replace engine oil1 and oil filter  
Inspect front and rear brakes  
Check parking brake adjustment  
Inspect these items:  
Replace air cleaner element  
If you drive in dusty conditions, replace every  
15,000 miles (24,000 km).  
Replace dust and pollen filter  
Tie rod ends, steering gear box, and boots  
Suspension components  
Driveshaft boots  
If you drive primarily in urban areas that have high  
concentrations of soot in the air from industry and  
from diesel-powered vehicles, replace every 15,000  
miles (24,000 km).  
Inspect drive belt  
Replace transmission fluid  
If you tow a CR-V behind a motorhome, the  
transmission fluid must be changed every 2 years  
or 30,000 miles (48,000 km), whichever comes first.  
Replace spark plugs  
Brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VSA)  
All fluid levels and condition of fluids  
Exhaust system#  
Fuel lines and connections#  
1 : If the message ‘‘SERVICE’’ does not appear more than 12 months after the  
display is reset, change the engine oil every year.  
Inspect valve clearance  
: See information on maintenance and emissions warranty on page 346 .  
Replace engine coolant  
Replace rear differential fluid2  
Independent of the maintenance items in the information display, replace  
the brake fluid every 3 years.  
2 : 4WD  
Inspect idle speed every 160,000 miles (256,000 km).  
Adjust the valves during services A, B, 1, 2, or 3 only if they are noisy.  
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Fluid Locations  
(Black cap)  
(Orange handle)  
(Blue cap)  
(Red cap)  
(Yellow loop)  
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Adding Engine Oil  
damage the engine.  
Honda Motor Oil is the preferred  
0W-20 lubricant for your vehicle. It is  
highly recommended that you use  
Honda Motor Oil in your vehicle for  
optimum engine protection. Make  
sure the API Certification Seal says  
‘‘For Gasoline Engines’’.  
Recommended Engine Oil  
Oil is a major contributor to your  
engine’s performance and longevity.  
Always use a premium-grade 0W-20  
detergent oil displaying the API  
Certification Seal. This seal indicates  
the oil is energy conserving, and that  
it meets the American Petroleum  
Institute’s latest requirements.  
The oil viscosity or weight is  
provided on the container’s label.  
0W-20 oil is formulated for year-  
round protection of your vehicle to  
improve cold weather starting and  
fuel economy.  
Unscrew and remove the engine oil  
fill cap on top of the valve cover.  
Pour in the oil slowly and carefully so  
you do not spill any. Clean up any  
spills immediately. Spilled oil could  
damage components in the engine  
Reinstall the engine oil fill cap, and  
tighten it securely. Wait a few  
minutes, and recheck the oil level on  
the engine oil dipstick. Do not fill  
above the upper mark; you could  
Ambient Temperature  
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Adding Engine Oil, Changing the Engine Oil and Filter  
Synthetic Oil  
Changing the Engine Oil and  
You may use a synthetic motor oil if  
it meets the same requirements  
given for a conventional motor oil: it  
displays the API certification seal,  
and it is the proper weight. You must  
follow the oil and filter change  
intervals shown on the information  
Always change the oil and filter  
according to the maintenance  
messages shown on the information  
display. The oil and filter collect  
contaminants that can damage your  
engine if they are not removed  
Engine Oil Additives  
Changing the oil and filter requires  
special tools and access from  
underneath the vehicle. The vehicle  
should be raised on a service station-  
type hydraulic lift for this service.  
Unless you have the knowledge and  
proper equipment, you should have  
this maintenance done by a skilled  
Your vehicle does not require any oil  
additives. Additives may adversely  
affect the engine or transmission  
performance and durability.  
1. Run the engine until it reaches  
normal operating temperature,  
then shut it off.  
2. Open the hood, and remove the  
engine oil fill cap. Remove the oil  
drain bolt and washer from the  
bottom of the engine. Drain the oil  
into an appropriate container.  
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Changing the Engine Oil and Filter  
4. Install a new oil filter according to  
8. Let the engine run for several  
minutes, then check the drain bolt  
and oil filter for leaks.  
the instructions that come with it.  
Make sure to clean off any dirt  
and dust on the contacting surface  
of a new oil filter.  
9. Turn off the engine and let it sit  
for several minutes, then check  
the oil level on the dipstick. If  
necessary, add more oil.  
5. Put a new washer on the drain bolt,  
then reinstall the drain bolt.  
Tighten the drain bolt to:  
29 lbf·ft (39 N·m , 4.0 kgf·m)  
6. Refill the engine with the recom-  
mended oil.  
Improper disposal of engine oil can be  
harmful to the environment. If you  
change your own oil, please dispose of  
the used oil properly. Put it in a sealed  
container and take it to a recycling  
center. Do not discard it in a trash bin  
or dump it on the ground.  
3. Remove the oil filter, and let the  
remaining oil drain. A special  
wrench (available from your  
dealer) is required.  
Engine oil change capacity  
(including filter):  
4.4 US qt (4.2 )  
Make sure the oil filter gasket is  
not stuck to the contacting surface  
of the engine. If it is, remove it  
before installing a new oil filter.  
7. Replace the engine oil fill cap.  
Start the engine. The oil pressure  
indicator should go out within 5  
seconds. If it does not, turn off the  
engine, and check your work.