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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Break-in Period

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Break-in Period, Fuel Recommendation  
Break-in Period  
Fuel Recommendation  
Your vehicle is designed to operate  
your authorized dealer for service.  
Help assure your vehicle’s future  
reliability and performance by paying on unleaded gasoline with a pump  
Some gasoline today is blended with  
oxygenates such as ethanol or  
MTBE. Your vehicle is designed to  
operate on oxygenated gasoline  
extra attention to how you drive  
octane number of 87 or higher. Use  
during the first 600 miles (1,000 km). of a lower octane gasoline can cause  
During this period:  
a persistent, heavy metallic rapping  
noise that can lead to engine damage. containing up to 10% ethanol by  
volume and up to 15% MTBE by  
We recommended using a quality  
gasoline containing detergent  
additives that help prevent fuel  
system and engine deposits.  
Avoid full-throttle starts and rapid  
volume. Do not use gasoline  
containing methanol.  
Do not change the oil until the  
scheduled maintenance time.  
If you notice any undesirable  
operating symptoms, try another  
service station or switch to another  
brand of gasoline.  
Avoid hard braking for the first  
200 miles (300 km).  
In addition, in order to maintain good  
performance, fuel economy, and  
emissions control, we strongly  
recommend, in areas where it is  
available, the use of gasoline that  
does NOT contain manganese-based  
fuel additives such as MMT.  
Do not tow a trailer.  
For further important fuel-related  
information for your vehicle, or  
information on gasoline that does not  
contain MMT, visit Owner Link at  
You should also follow these  
recommendations with an  
overhauled or exchanged engine, or  
when the brakes are replaced.  
. In Canada, visit  
Use of gasoline with these additives  
may adversely affect performance,  
and cause the malfunction indicator  
lamp on your instrument panel to  
come on. If this happens, contact  
for additional  
information on gasoline.