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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Adjust the Front Seats

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Protecting Adults and Teens  
Your vehicle has a door and  
tailgate open indicator on  
2.Adjust the Front Seats  
The following pages provide  
instructions on how to properly  
protect the driver, adult passengers,  
and teenage children who are large  
enough and mature enough to drive  
or ride in the front.  
the instrument panel to indicate  
when a specific door or the tailgate is  
not tightly closed.  
Locking the doors reduces the  
chance of someone being thrown out  
of the vehicle during a crash, and it  
helps prevent passengers from  
accidentally opening a door and  
falling out.  
See pages 35 54 for important  
guidelines on how to properly  
protect infants, small children, and  
larger children who ride in your  
Locking the doors also helps prevent  
an outsider from unexpectedly  
opening a door when you come to a  
1.Close and Lock the Doors  
After everyone has entered the  
vehicle, be sure the doors and the  
tailgate are closed and locked.  
Adjust the driver’s seat as far to the  
rear as possible while allowing you to  
maintain full control of the vehicle.  
Have a front passenger adjust their  
seat as far to the rear as possible.  
See page 85 for how to lock the  
doors, and page 65 for how the door  
and tailgate open indicator works.  
Your vehicle has the auto door  
locking/unlocking feature. For more  
information, see page 86 .