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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Seat Belt Maintenance

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Additional Information About Your Seat Belts  
Seat Belt Maintenance  
If a seat belt is worn during a crash,  
it must be replaced by your dealer. A  
For safety, you should check the  
condition of your seat belts regularly. belt that has been worn during a  
crash may not provide the same level  
Not checking or maintaining  
seat belts can result in serious  
injury or death if the seat belts  
do not work properly when  
Pull each belt out fully, and look for  
frays, cuts, burns, and wear. Check  
that the latches work smoothly and  
the belts retract easily. If a belt does  
not retract easily, cleaning the belt  
may correct the problem (see page  
365 ). Any belt that is not in good  
condition or working properly will  
not provide good protection and  
should be replaced as soon as  
of protection in a subsequent crash.  
The dealer should also inspect the  
anchors for damage and replace  
them if needed. If the automatic seat  
belt tensioners activate during a  
crash, they must be replaced.  
Check your seat belts regularly  
and have any problem  
corrected as soon as possible.  
Honda provides a limited warranty  
on seat belts. See your  
Warranty Information  
booklet for