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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Adjust the Seat-Backs

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Protecting Adults and Teens  
If you sit too close to the steering  
wheel or dashboard, you can be  
seriously injured by an inflating front  
airbag, or by striking the steering  
wheel or dashboard.  
3.Adjust the Seat-Backs  
Sitting too close to a front  
airbag can result in serious  
injury or death if the front  
airbags inflate.  
The National Highway Traffic Safety  
Administration and Transport  
Always sit as far back from the  
front airbags as possible.  
Canada recommend that drivers  
allow at least 10 inches (25 cm)  
between the center of the steering  
wheel and the chest. In addition to  
adjusting the seat, you can adjust the  
steering wheel up and down, and in  
and out (see page 81 ).  
On vehicles with manual adjustable  
Once your seat is adjusted correctly,  
rock it back and forth to make sure  
the seat is locked in position.  
Adjust the driver’s seat-back to a  
comfortable, upright position,  
leaving ample space between your  
chest and the airbag cover in the  
center of the steering wheel.  
If you cannot get far enough away  
from the steering wheel and still  
reach the controls, we recommend  
that you investigate whether some  
type of adaptive equipment may help.  
See page 97 for how to adjust a  
front seat (power adjustment) and  
page 98 for a manual adjustment.  
Passengers with adjustable seat-  
backs should also adjust their seat-  
back to a comfortable, upright