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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Rearview Camera and Monitor

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Rearview Camera and Monitor  
On EX-L model with navigation system  
When in reverse, the touch screen  
and navigation system ‘‘hard’’  
buttons are locked out, except the  
‘‘ZOOM’’ button. Touching the ‘‘’’  
or ‘‘’’ button allows you to adjust  
the brightness of the rearview  
camera image.  
The camera brightness cannot be  
adjusted by voice control.  
Since the rearview camera display  
area is limited, you should always  
back up slowly and carefully, and  
look behind you for obstacles.  
Whenever you shift to reverse (R)  
with the ignition switch in the ON  
(II) position, the rearview is shown  
on the navigation system screen.  
For the best picture, always keep the  
rearview camera clean, and do not  
cover the camera lens. To avoid  
scratching the lens when you clean it,  
use a moist, soft cloth.