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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Sunglasses Holder

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Interior Convenience Items  
Sun Visor  
Sunglasses Holder  
To use the sun visor, pull it down.  
When using the sun visor for the  
side window, remove the support rod  
from the clip, and swing it out.  
To open the sunglasses holder, push  
then release the raised detent. It will  
unlatch and swing down. To close it,  
Some larger styles of sunglasses  
may not fit in the holder.  
push it until it latches. Make sure the You may also store small items in  
holder is closed while you are driving. this holder. Make sure they are  
small enough to let the holder close  
Make sure you put the sun visor  
back in place when you are getting  
into or out of the vehicle.  
and latch, and that they are not  
heavy enough to cause the holder to  
pop open while driving.