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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Radio Theft Protection

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Radio Theft Protection  
If your vehicle’s battery is  
Your vehicle’s audio system will  
disable itself if it is disconnected  
from electrical power for any reason.  
To make it work again, you must  
enter a specific code using the preset  
buttons (icon on vehicle’s with  
navigation system). Because there  
are hundreds of number  
combinations possible from specific  
digits, making the system work  
without knowing the exact code is  
nearly impossible.  
disconnected or goes dead, or the  
radio fuse is removed, the audio  
system will disable itself. If this  
happens, you will see ‘‘ENTER  
CODE’’ in the frequency display the  
next time you turn on the system.  
Use the preset buttons to enter the  
code. On vehicles with navigation  
system, touch the icon to enter the  
code number, then touch the Done  
icon to set the code. The code is on  
the radio code card included in your  
owner’s manual kit. When it is  
entered correctly, the radio will start  
You should have received a card that  
lists your audio system’s code and  
serial numbers. It is best to store this  
card in a safe place at home. In  
addition, you should write the audio  
If you make a mistake entering the  
system’s serial number in this owner’s code, do not start over; complete the  
sequence, then enter the correct  
code. You have 10 tries to enter the  
correct code. If you are unsuccessful  
in 10 attempts, you must then leave  
the system on for 1 hour before  
trying again.  
If you lose the card, you must obtain  
the code number from a dealer. To  
do this, you will need the system’s  
serial number.