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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Audio Antenna

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Floor Mats, Audio Antenna, Dust and Pollen Filter  
If you remove a floor mat, make sure  
to re-anchor it when you put it back  
in your vehicle.  
Audio Antenna  
Dust and Pollen Filter  
This filter removes the dust and  
pollen that is brought in from the  
outside through the heating and  
cooling system/climate control  
If you use a non-Honda floor mat,  
make sure it fits properly and that it  
can be used with the floor mat  
anchors. Do not put additional floor  
mats on top of the anchored mats.  
Your vehicle is equipped with an  
antenna at the rear of the roof. Before  
using a ‘‘drive-through’’ car wash,  
remove the antenna by unscrewing it by  
hand. This prevents the antenna from  
Have your dealer replace this filter  
when this service is indicated by a  
being damaged by the car wash brushes. maintenance message on the  
information display. It should be  
replaced every 15,000 miles (24,000  
km) if you drive primarily in urban  
areas that have high concentrations  
of soot in the air, or if the airflow  
from the heating and cooling  
system/climate control system  
becomes less than usual.