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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Tailgate

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The tailgate will lock when you lock  
the driver’s door with the key, the  
remote transmitter, the master door  
lock switch, or the lock tab on the  
driver’s door.  
To unlock the tailgate, turn the key  
clockwise twice, push the rear of the  
master door lock switch, or push the  
UNLOCK button twice on the  
remote transmitter.  
To open the tailgate, push the  
release, and lift up. To close the  
tailgate, use the tailgate handle to  
lower it, then press down on the  
back edge.  
Keep the tailgate closed at all times  
while driving to avoid damaging the  
tailgate and to prevent exhaust gas  
from getting into the interior. See  
Carbon Monoxide Hazard on page  
55 .  
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Unlocking the Tailgate  
If the power door lock system cannot  
unlock the tailgate, unlock it  
Push the release lever to the lower  
right as shown.  
If you need to unlock the tailgate  
manually, it means there is a  
problem with the tailgate. Have the  
vehicle checked by your dealer.  
Place a cloth on the top side of the  
cover to prevent scratches, then use  
a small flat-tip screwdriver to remove  
the cover on the back of the tailgate.