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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Malfunction Indicator Lamp

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Malfunction Indicator Lamp  
If the indicator comes on  
If the indicator comes on repeatedly,  
even though it may turn off as you  
continue driving, have your vehicle  
checked by your dealer as soon as  
If the battery in your vehicle has  
been disconnected or gone dead,  
these codes may be erased. It can  
take several days of driving under  
various conditions to set the codes  
while driving, it means one  
of the engine’s emissions control  
systems may have a problem. Even  
though you may feel no difference in  
your vehicle’s performance, it can  
reduce your fuel economy and cause  
increased emissions. Continued  
To check if they are set, turn the  
ignition switch to the ON (II)  
operation may cause serious damage. If you keep driving with the  
malfunction indicator lamp on, you can  
damage your vehicle’s emissions  
position, without starting the engine.  
The malfunction indicator lamp will  
come on for 20 seconds. If it then  
goes off, the readiness codes are set.  
If it blinks five times, the readiness  
codes are not set. If possible, do not  
take your vehicle for an emissions  
test until the readiness codes are set.  
Refer to Emissions Testing for  
more information (see page 419 ).  
If you have recently refueled your  
vehicle, the indicator coming on  
could be due to a loose or missing  
fuel fill cap. Tighten the cap until it  
clicks at least once. Tightening the  
cap will not turn the indicator off  
immediately; it can take several days  
of normal driving.  
controls and engine. Those repairs may  
not be covered by your vehicle’s  
The malfunction indicator lamp may  
also come on with the ‘‘D’’ indicator.  
Readiness Codes  
Your vehicle has certain ‘‘readiness  
codes’’ that are part of the on-board  
diagnostics for the emissions  
systems. In some states, part of the  
emissions testing is to make sure  
these codes are set. If they are not  
set, the test cannot be completed.