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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Accessories and Modifications

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Accessories and Modifications  
Modifying your vehicle, or installing  
some non-Honda accessories, can  
make it unsafe. Before you make any  
modifications or add any accessories,  
be sure to read the following  
Before installing any accessory:  
Improper accessories or  
modifications can affect your  
vehicle’s handling, stability, and  
performance, and cause a  
crash in which you can be hurt  
or killed.  
Make sure the accessory does not  
obscure any lights, or interfere  
with proper vehicle operation or  
Be sure electronic accessories do  
not overload electrical circuits  
(see page 398 ) or interfere with  
proper operation of your vehicle.  
Your dealer has Honda accessories  
that allow you to personalize your  
vehicle. These accessories have  
been designed and approved for your  
vehicle, and are covered by warranty.  
Follow all instructions in this  
owner’s manual regarding  
accessories and modifications.  
Before installing any electronic  
accessory, have the installer  
contact your dealer for assistance.  
If possible, have your dealer  
inspect the final installation.  
Although non-Honda accessories  
may fit on your vehicle, they may not  
meet factory specifications, and  
could adversely affect your vehicle’s  
handling and stability.  
When properly installed, cellular  
phones, alarms, two-way radios, and  
low-powered audio systems should  
not interfere with your vehicle’s  
computer controlled systems, such  
as your airbags, anti-lock brakes, and  
tire pressure monitoring system.  
Do not install accessories on the  
side pillars or across the rear  
windows. Accessories installed in  
these areas may interfere with  
proper operation of the side  
curtain airbags.  
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Accessories and Modifications  
Modifying Your Vehicle  
Non-Honda wheels, because they  
are a universal design, can cause  
excessive stress on suspension  
components, and are not  
compatible with the tire pressure  
monitoring system (TPMS).  
Removing parts from your vehicle,  
or replacing components, with  
non-Honda components could  
seriously affect your vehicle’s  
handling, stability, and reliability.  
Here are some examples:  
Larger or smaller wheels and tires  
can interfere with the operation of  
your vehicle’s anti-lock brakes and  
other systems.  
Lowering the vehicle with a non-  
Honda suspension kit that  
significantly reduces ground  
clearance can allow the  
Modifying your steering wheel or  
any other part of your vehicle’s  
safety features can make the  
systems ineffective.  
undercarriage to hit speed bumps  
or other raised objects, which  
could cause the airbags to deploy.  
Raising your vehicle with a  
non-Honda suspension kit can  
affect the handling and stability.  
If you plan to modify your vehicle,  
consult your dealer.