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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ How Your Side Airbags Work

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Additional Information About Your Airbags  
Be aware that objects placed on the  
passenger’s seat can also cause the  
airbag to be turned off.  
Moving the front seat forcibly  
back against cargo on the seat or  
floor behind it.  
How Your Side Airbags Work  
When the passenger airbag gets  
turned off by the weight sensors, a  
‘‘passenger airbag off’’ indicator in  
the center of the dashboard comes  
on (see page 33 ).  
Hanging heavy items on the front  
passenger seat, or placing heavy  
items in the seat-back pocket.  
Moving the front seat or seat-back  
forcibly back against the folded  
rear seat.  
If the weight sensors detect there is  
no passenger in the front seat, the  
airbag is automatically turned off.  
However, the passenger airbag off  
indicator in this situation will not  
come on.  
Back seat passengers should not  
wedge objects or intentionally  
force their feet under the front  
passenger seat.  
If you ever have a moderate to  
severe side impact, sensors will  
detect rapid acceleration and signal  
the control unit to instantly inflate  
either the driver’s or the passenger’s  
side airbag and activate the seat belt  
tensioner on the affected side.  
To ensure that the passenger’s  
advanced front airbag system will  
do not do anything  
work properly,  
that would increase or decrease the  
weight on the front passenger’s seat.  
This includes:  
A rear passenger pushing or  
pulling on the back of the front  
passenger’s seat.  
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Additional Information About Your Airbags  
Only one airbag will deploy during a  
side impact. If the impact is on the  
passenger’s side, the passenger’s  
side airbag will deploy even if there  
is no passenger.  
Side Airbag Cutoff System  
If the side airbag off indicator comes  
on (see page 32 ), have the  
Your vehicle has a side airbag cutoff  
system designed primarily to protect  
passenger sit upright. Once the  
a child riding in the front passenger’s passenger is out of the airbag’s  
deployment path, the system will  
turn the airbag back on, and the  
indicator will go out.  
To get the best protection from the  
side airbags, front seat occupants  
should wear their seat belts and sit  
upright and well back in their seats.  
Although Honda does not encourage  
children to ride in front, if the  
position sensors detect a child has  
leaned into the side airbag’s  
deployment path, the airbag will shut  
There will be some delay between  
the moment the passenger moves  
into or out of the airbag deployment  
path and when the indicator comes  
on or goes off.  
The side airbag may also shut off if a  
short adult leans sideways, or a  
larger adult slouches and leans  
sideways into the airbag’s  
A front seat passenger should not  
use a cushion or another object as a  
backrest. It may prevent the cutoff  
system from working properly.  
deployment path.  
Objects placed on the front  
passenger seat can also cause the  
side airbag to be shut off.