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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Information Display

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Trip Meter  
This meter shows the number of  
miles (U.S.) or kilometers (Canada)  
driven since you last reset it.  
There are two trip meters: Trip A  
and Trip B. Switch between these  
displays by pressing the select/reset  
knob repeatedly.  
Each trip meter works independently,  
so you can keep track of two  
different distances.  
Press the SELECT/RESET knob.  
When you turn the ignition switch to  
the ON (II) position, the last  
selection is displayed.  
Information Display  
To switch the display, press and  
release the select/reset knob  
repeatedly. When you turn the  
ignition switch to the ON (II)  
position the last selection is  
The information display consists of  
three segments. The upper segment  
displays current fuel mileage, the  
second segment displays the  
odometer, average fuel mileage,  
range (estimated distance), engine  
oil life, and the lower segment  
displays the trip meter, and  
To reset a trip meter, display it, and  
then press and hold the select/reset  
knob until the number resets to ‘‘0.0’’.  
maintenance item code(s).