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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Fasten and Position the Seat Belts

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Protecting Adults and Teens  
5.Fasten and Position the Seat  
This spreads the forces of a crash  
over the strongest bones in your  
upper body.  
Insert the latch plate into the buckle,  
then tug on the belt to make sure the  
belt is securely latched. Check that  
the belt is not twisted, because a  
twisted belt can cause serious  
injuries in a crash.  
Improperly positioning the seat  
belts can cause serious injury  
or death in a crash.  
The seat belt in the center position  
of the back seat can be unlatched  
and retracted to allow the back seat  
to be folded up or down. This seat  
belt should be latched whenever the  
seat-back is in an upright position.  
See page 109 for how to unlatch and  
relatch the seat belt.  
Make sure all seat belts are  
properly positioned before  
Position the lap part of the belt as  
low as possible across your hips,  
then pull up on the shoulder part of  
the belt so the lap part fits snugly.  
This lets your strong pelvic bones  
take the force of a crash and reduces  
the chance of internal injuries.  
If the seat belt touches or crosses  
your neck, or if it crosses your arm  
instead of your shoulder, you need to  
adjust the seat belt anchor height.  
If necessary, pull up on the belt again  
to remove any slack, then check that  
the belt rests across the center of  
your chest and over your shoulder.