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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Three Way Catalytic Converter

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Three Way Catalytic Converter  
The three way catalytic converter  
contains precious metals that serve  
as catalysts, promoting chemical  
reactions to convert the exhaust  
gasses without affecting the metals.  
The catalytic converter is referred to  
as a three-way catalyst, since it acts  
on HC, CO, and NOx. A replacement  
unit must be an original Honda part  
or its equivalent.  
Keep the engine well maintained.  
Have your vehicle diagnosed and  
repaired if it is misfiring, back-  
firing, stalling, or otherwise not  
running properly.  
The three way catalytic converter  
must operate at a high temperature  
for the chemical reactions to take  
place. It can set on fire any  
combustible materials that come  
near it. Park your vehicle away from  
high grass, dry leaves, or other  
A defective three way catalytic  
converter contributes to air pollution,  
and can impair your engine’s per-  
formance. Follow these guidelines to  
protect your vehicle’s three way  
catalytic converter.  
Always use unleaded gasoline.  
Even a small amount of leaded  
gasoline can contaminate the  
catalyst metals, making the three  
way catalytic converter ineffective.