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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Driving Guidelines

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Driving Guidelines  
Do not modify your vehicle in any  
way that would raise the center of  
Four-wheel drive models  
Your vehicle has higher ground  
clearance that allows you to travel  
over bumps, obstacles, and rough  
terrain. It also provides good  
visibility so you can anticipate  
problems earlier.  
Your vehicle is equipped with a four-  
wheel drive (4WD) system. When  
the system senses a loss of front-  
wheel traction, it automatically  
transfers some power to the rear  
wheels. This gives you better  
traction and mobility.  
Do not carry heavy cargo on the  
Because your vehicle rides higher  
off the ground, it has a high center  
of gravity that can cause it to roll  
over if you make abrupt turns. Utility  
vehicles have a significantly higher  
roll over rate than other types of  
You still need to exercise the same  
care when accelerating, steering, and  
braking that you would in a two-  
wheel drive vehicle.  
See page 336 for off-highway driving  
To prevent rollovers or loss of  
Take corners at slower speeds  
than you would with a passenger  
Avoid sharp turns and abrupt  
maneuvers whenever possible.