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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Changing the Engine Oil and Filter

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Adding Engine Oil, Changing the Engine Oil and Filter  
Synthetic Oil  
Changing the Engine Oil and  
You may use a synthetic motor oil if  
it meets the same requirements  
given for a conventional motor oil: it  
displays the API certification seal,  
and it is the proper weight. You must  
follow the oil and filter change  
intervals shown on the information  
Always change the oil and filter  
according to the maintenance  
messages shown on the information  
display. The oil and filter collect  
contaminants that can damage your  
engine if they are not removed  
Engine Oil Additives  
Changing the oil and filter requires  
special tools and access from  
underneath the vehicle. The vehicle  
should be raised on a service station-  
type hydraulic lift for this service.  
Unless you have the knowledge and  
proper equipment, you should have  
this maintenance done by a skilled  
Your vehicle does not require any oil  
additives. Additives may adversely  
affect the engine or transmission  
performance and durability.  
1. Run the engine until it reaches  
normal operating temperature,  
then shut it off.  
2. Open the hood, and remove the  
engine oil fill cap. Remove the oil  
drain bolt and washer from the  
bottom of the engine. Drain the oil  
into an appropriate container.  
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Changing the Engine Oil and Filter  
4. Install a new oil filter according to  
8. Let the engine run for several  
minutes, then check the drain bolt  
and oil filter for leaks.  
the instructions that come with it.  
Make sure to clean off any dirt  
and dust on the contacting surface  
of a new oil filter.  
9. Turn off the engine and let it sit  
for several minutes, then check  
the oil level on the dipstick. If  
necessary, add more oil.  
5. Put a new washer on the drain bolt,  
then reinstall the drain bolt.  
Tighten the drain bolt to:  
29 lbf·ft (39 N·m , 4.0 kgf·m)  
6. Refill the engine with the recom-  
mended oil.  
Improper disposal of engine oil can be  
harmful to the environment. If you  
change your own oil, please dispose of  
the used oil properly. Put it in a sealed  
container and take it to a recycling  
center. Do not discard it in a trash bin  
or dump it on the ground.  
3. Remove the oil filter, and let the  
remaining oil drain. A special  
wrench (available from your  
dealer) is required.  
Engine oil change capacity  
(including filter):  
4.4 US qt (4.2 )  
Make sure the oil filter gasket is  
not stuck to the contacting surface  
of the engine. If it is, remove it  
before installing a new oil filter.  
7. Replace the engine oil fill cap.  
Start the engine. The oil pressure  
indicator should go out within 5  
seconds. If it does not, turn off the  
engine, and check your work.