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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Wheels

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Tires, Wheels, Checking the Battery  
When installing cables, follow the  
manufacturer’s instructions, and  
mount them as tight as you can.  
Make sure they are not contacting  
the brake lines or suspension. Drive  
slowly with them installed. If you  
hear them coming into contact with  
the body or chassis, stop and  
Checking the Battery  
Clean the wheels as you would the  
rest of the exterior. Wash them with  
the same solution, and rinse them  
If equipped  
Aluminum alloy wheels have a  
protective clear-coat that keeps the  
aluminum from corroding and  
tarnishing. Cleaning the wheels with  
harsh chemicals (including some  
commercial wheel cleaners) or a stiff  
brush can damage the clear-coat. To  
clean the wheels, use a mild  
investigate. Remove them as soon as  
you begin driving on cleared roads.  
Traction devices that are the wrong  
size or improperly installed can  
damage your vehicle’s brake lines,  
suspension, body, and wheels. Stop  
driving if they are hitting any part of  
the vehicle.  
Check the condition of the battery  
detergent and a soft brush or sponge. monthly by looking at the test  
indicator window. The label on the  
battery explains the test indicator’s  
The location of the test indicator  
window varies between