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2010 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ All Children Must Be Restrained

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Protecting Children General Guidelines  
All Children Must Be Restrained  
Each year, many children are injured  
or killed in vehicle crashes because  
they are either unrestrained or not  
properly restrained. In fact, vehicle  
accidents are the number one cause  
of the death of children aged 12 and  
Children who are unrestrained  
or improperly restrained can be  
seriously injured or killed in a  
Any child too small for a seat  
belt should be properly  
To reduce the number of child  
deaths and injuries, every state,  
Canadian province and territory  
requires that infants and children be  
properly restrained when they ride in  
a vehicle.  
restrained in a child seat. A  
larger child should be properly  
restrained with a seat belt and  
use a booster seat if necessary.  
Children depend on adults to protect  
them. However, despite their best  
intentions, many adults do not know  
how to properly protect child  
Larger children must be restrained  
with a lap/shoulder belt and ride on  
a booster seat until the seat belt fits  
them properly (see pages 51 54 ).  
Infants and small children must be  
restrained in an approved child seat  
that is properly secured to the  
vehicle (see pages 40 50 ).  
If you have children, or ever need to  
drive with a child in your vehicle, be  
sure to read this section. It begins  
with important general guidelines,  
then presents special information for  
infants, small children, and larger