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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Super Locking*

uuSecurity SystemuSuper Locking*  
Super Locking*  
1Super Locking*  
The super locking function disables the lock tabs on all doors.  
To activate the super locking function  
Turn the key in the driver's door towards the vehicle front twice within five  
No one must be inside the vehicle with the  
super locking set. Persons locked in can get  
seriously sick or die from the heat built  
inside the vehicle if left in the sun.  
Press the lock button on the remote transmitter twice within five seconds.  
Models with keyless access system  
Touch the door lock sensor on the door handle or press the lock button on the  
tailgate twice within five seconds.  
Make sure there is no one inside the vehicle  
before setting the super locking.  
To cancel the super locking function  
Unlock the driver's door with the remote transmitter or keyless access system*.  
Do not unlock the door using the key. The security  
system alarm activates.  
Even if you have unlocked, opened, and then closed  
the tailgate, the super locking function continues to  
be in effect.  
* Not available on all models