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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ About Your Audio System

Audio System  
About Your Audio System  
The audio system features AM/FM radio. It can also play USB flash drives, and iPod,  
iPhone, Bluetooth®, and HDMITM* devices.  
1About Your Audio System  
iPod, iPhone and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc.  
Key Off Operation*  
You can operate the audio system from the buttons and switches on the panel, the  
remote controls on the steering wheel, or the icons on the touchscreen interface*.  
After you turn the ignition switch to LOCK (0*1, you  
can use the audio system for up to 30 minutes per  
driving cycle. However, whether you can continue  
using the audio system depends on the battery  
condition. Repeatedly using this feature may drain  
the battery.  
USB Flash Drive  
Remote Controls  
*1: Models with the keyless access system have an ENGINE START/STOP button instead of an  
ignition switch.  
* Not available on all models