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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Adjustable Speed Limiter

uuWhen DrivinguAdjustable Speed Limiter  
Adjustable Speed Limiter  
This system enables you to set a maximum speed that cannot be exceeded even if  
you are depressing the accelerator pedal.  
1Adjustable Speed Limiter  
The vehicle speed limit can be set from about 30 km/h (18 mph) to about 250 km/h  
(156 mph).  
Adjustable Speed Limiter has limitations.  
It is always your responsibility to adjust the  
vehicle speed to obey the actual speed  
limit, and safely operate the vehicle.  
How to use  
The indicator is on in  
the instrument panel  
Adjustable speed limiter is  
ready to use.  
Do not depress the accelerator pedal more  
than necessary.  
Press the MAIN button  
on the steering wheel  
Maintain an appropriate accelerator pedal  
position depending on the vehicle speed.  
The adjustable speed limiter may not hold the set  
speed limit when driving downhill. If this occurs, slow  
down by depressing the brake pedal.  
When not using the adjustable speed limiter:  
Turn off the adjustable speed limiter by pressing the  
MAIN button.  
If a different indicator comes on,  
press the LIM button to switch to  
the adjustable speed limiter.  
You cannot use the adjustable speed limiter and the  
adaptive cruise control (ACC)*/adaptive cruise control  
(ACC) with LSF* or intelligent speed limiter at the  
same time.  
Manual transmission models  
When the engine speed slows down, try to  
* Not available on all models  
uuWhen DrivinguAdjustable Speed Limiter  
1To Set the Speed Limit  
To Set the Speed Limit  
If you set the speed limit while travelling at less than  
30 km/h (18 mph), the speed limit is set to 30 km/h  
(18 mph).  
On when the  
adjustable speed  
limiter is set  
The beeper sounds and the displayed speed limit  
blinks if the vehicle speed exceeds the limit by 3 km/h  
(2 mph) or more on a steep descent.  
The adjustable speed limiter is set to the current  
speed if it is higher than the previously set speed limit  
when you press the RES/+ button.  
You can switch the displayed set speed  
measurements between km/h and mph on the driver  
information interface.  
Press and release  
2 Speedometer P. 147  
2 Customized Features P. 158, 413  
Take your foot off the accelerator pedal and press the –/SET button when you  
reach the desired speed.  
The moment you release the –/SET button, the speed limit is fixed, and the  
adjustable speed limiter is set. The speed limit is displayed.  
You can set the previously set speed limit by pressing the RES/+ button.  
uuWhen DrivinguAdjustable Speed Limiter  
To Adjust the Speed Limit  
Increase or decrease the speed limit by using the RES/+ or –/SET buttons on the  
steering wheel.  
To increase speed  
To decrease speed  
Each time you press the button, the speed limit increases or decreases by 1 km/h  
or 1 mph accordingly.  
If you keep the button pressed, the speed limit increases or decreases in  
increments of 10 km/h or 10 mph every 0.5 second until system limit is reached.  
The vehicle may accelerate or decelerate until the set speed is reached.  
1Exceeding the Speed Limit Temporarily  
Exceeding the Speed Limit Temporarily  
The beeper sounds when the vehicle speed goes  
higher than the set speed limit with the accelerator  
pedal depressed completely.  
The speed limit can be exceeded by depressing the accelerator pedal completely.  
u The displayed limit speed blinks.  
u The beeper sounds once the speed limit has been exceeded.  
The adjustable speed limiter resumes working once  
the vehicle speed goes lower than the set speed limit.  
uuWhen DrivinguAdjustable Speed Limiter  
1To Cancel  
To Cancel  
The adjustable speed limiter changes into adaptive  
cruise control (ACC)*/adaptive cruise control (ACC)  
with LSF* or intelligent speed limiter if the LIM button  
is pressed.  
To cancel the adjustable speed limiter, do any  
of the following:  
Press the CANCEL button.  
Press the MAIN button.  
Press the LIM button.  
LIM Button  
MAIN Button  
If there is a problem with the system when you are  
using the adjustable speed limiter, the beeper sounds  
and OFF comes on. The adjustable speed limiter will  
be turned off.  
* Not available on all models