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2019 Honda CR-V Owner's Manual ➜ Emergency Call (eCall)

Emergency Call (eCall)*  
Automatic emergency call  
1Emergency Call (eCall)*  
If your vehicle is involved in a collision, the SRS  
unit in the vehicle will attempt to connect to a  
Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)  
Your vehicle is equipped with the 112-based eCall  
service system.  
operator. Once a connection is established,  
various information about the vehicle will be  
sent to a PSAP operator with whom you will  
be able to speak. This information includes:  
The 112-based eCall service is a public service of  
general interest and is accessible free of charge.  
The 112-based eCall in-vehicle system is activated  
when the ignition is turned on. In the event of a  
collision, the system will determine the degree of the  
impact based on information collected from the on-  
board sensors and, depending on the severity of the  
collision, will initiate the emergency call.  
eCall Indicator  
Vehicle identification number (VIN)  
Type of vehicle (passenger vehicle or light-weight commercial vehicle)  
Type of energy stored for vehicle propulsion (gasoline/diesel/CNG/LPG/electricity/  
Last three locations of the vehicle  
Direction of travel  
Triggering mode (automatic or manual)  
The 112-based eCall in-vehicle system can also be  
triggered manually, if needed.  
2 Manual emergency call P. 495  
Any processing of personal data through the 112-  
based eCall in-vehicle system shall comply with the  
personal data protection rules provided for in  
Directives 95/46/EC (replaced by 2016/679/EC) and  
2002/58/EC, and in particular, shall be based on the  
necessity to protect the vital interests of the  
individuals in accordance with Article 7(d) of Directive  
95/46/EC (replaced by 2016/679/EC).  
When an emergency call is initiated, the vehicle speakers are disabled so that you  
can hear the operator.  
When the ignition is turned on. The eCall indicator lights up in green for 1 second,  
then in red for 1 second.  
Processing of such data is strictly limited to the  
purpose of for which the single European emergency  
number 112 is designated.  
* Not available on all models